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Insects & Spiders of North America and other Backyard Bugs

Here is a list of the common groups of insects and arachnids in the USA. Some sections include information about exotic pet insects too. Please CLICK the text and photo links below to visit the databases for those groups of bugs. We have pictures of many bugs that are common in United States cities. We also have a large picture database of various insects and spiders that are common in the hobby of keeping live bugs as pets. Please make use of the <Back button on your browser from the sub-category pages until we have a chance to make navigation a bit easier.

[This is the largest section of the old website and will be uploaded to this new version of the website last. Please be patient while I reactivate all the links below.]

A new gallery of Mexico Insects is also available here: Mexico Insects
 Common Name  Photo Link
 Aphids, Leafhoppers, Cicadas  
 Aquatic Bugs  
 Bees, Wasps, Hornets  
 Beetles, Rhino, Stag  
 Centipedes & Millipedes  
 Dragonfly, Damselfly  
 Crickets, Grasshoppers, Katydids  
 Alderfly, Antlion, Lacewing,  
Mantis, Mantid, Praying Mantis  
 Pill Bug, Sow Bug, Isopod  
 Stick-insect, Walkingstick  
 True Bugs, Stink Bug  
 Slugs and Snails  
 Vinegaroon & Whipscorpions